Yoti: Bringing Security To The Dating World

In an increasingly digital world, the issue of security is becoming more and more prominent. When we think of digital security the world of online banking is probably what springs to mind, and take it from me as someone who has had their entire wage lifted the day after he was paid, this is a very real problem for many. However, it has become apparent that the problem is of equal importance when it comes to the dating industry.

Why? Because in the world of dating what starts as a digital issue can very quickly become a physical issue in all the wrong ways, and it’s imperative that we stop this from happening. Over time the dating industry has become dominated by dating sites and apps as the more traditional methods of matchmaking and speed dating fall by the wayside. This hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing, but it has unfortunately left us susceptible to catfishes and scammers from all walks of life.

The harsh reality of dating is that some people are lonely and with loneliness comes vulnerability and far too many people out there won’t think twice about taking advantage of this. One such woman, known only as ‘Nancy’, has come forward to the national press in recent times to share her story in the hope of raising awareness to the dangers we face online. Nancy, in her 50s, had recently come out of a bad marriage when she decided to dip her toe in the water and sign up for Match.com. She fell for a man living in Turkey and in her own words was completely swept off her feet. However, within just 14 months Nancy had taken out several loans and lost both her house and her business as a result of falling for a fraudster.

“I just connected with what seemed to be a very attractive-looking person who was really keen to talk to me. There’s a term for it – ‘love-bombed’ – where you’re just bombarded with affection and compliments. When you’re with someone who tells you how awful you are every day for ten years, then someone pays you some compliments…of course you’re going to be swept away.”

Nancy’s case, however, is anything but a one-off. Countless others have been scammed for thousands of pounds and many more the victim of catfishing – something that is becoming part and parcel of the online dating world. So what is the solution? How can we protect ourselves? How can we keep ourselves secure in an increasingly digital world and in all aspects of our digital presence?

Step forward Yoti. In my honest opinion, Yoti are on the verge of revolutionising online security for a number of industries but particularly dating. They’ve identified a problem and offer a failsafe solution which in truth is a complete no-brainer for anyone with these concerns.

The world has moved on digitally, but one area in which we haven’t progressed, is how we identify ourselves. Our system of carrying around passports, driver’s licences and in some cases even birth certificates is not only inconvenient, but makes the lives of online fraudsters a hell of a lot easier. Yoti has set out to help society work together and finally make proving your identity safe and secure for all, something which the dating industry is crying out for – just ask Nancy.

You can create your Yoti in under 5 minutes by adding your selfie and ID documents using your phone – Yoti will then transform your details into a digital identity with bank level security keeping it perfectly safe – it’s as simple as that. You can then use Yoti to easily swap verified details with another person – just choose the details you’d like to swap, such as your name and photo, and receive the same

information back from the other person. Swapping Yotis is free and is the simplest way to know exactly who you’re meeting online.

On a wider scale our government should have been exploring the same idea years ago, but I guess sometimes society needs an organization with the right system and the right intentions to come forward and take the lead, and Yoti should be commended for that.

Take it from me (and Nancy) online security should never be taken lightly, don’t let yourself get caught out. Yoti is available NOW from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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