The Ultimate Date Night Playlist

Knowing my love of music I’ve been getting this request from readers for months now and I’m finally giving in to give you all a bit of cheese – well sort of. Music for me is a huge part of any relationship, for every relationship I’ve been in there’s been at least one song that went along with it and if there wasn’t, well that relationship didn’t to last very long. The music that means the most to me has always been the music that represents a particular time in my life and naturally that has at times crossed over into my relationships. There are of course a few pitfalls when it comes to dating and music (anyone who’s ever been doing the deed with music playing in the background and ended up doing it in time to the beat knows exactly what I’m talking about) but all in all, music is more important than you probably ever realised. The song that was playing during your first kiss whilst having a glass of wine on your couch, years later that song might just be the first song at your wedding – so don’t be scared to put a bit of effort into your playlist on date night. So here are my top 10 background tracks for the perfect night in and no they ain’t all love songs, just the perfect combination of tracks that will keep the mood just right.

10. Ryan Adams – Blank Space

I struggle with Taylor Swift. She infuriates me beyond belief – although some might argue that constantly p*ssing people off is the mark of a good artist these days. However, in spite of my dislike for ‘Swifty’ I did fall in love with her 1989 album when Ryan Adams came along and covered the entire thing in his own unique style. I have to give Taylor some credit in that these are her songs at the end of the day, but for me, Ryan Adams turns every song into a masterpiece and this version of ‘Blank Space’ is pure mellow perfection.

9. Russian Red – Cigarettes

A few years back I walked across the whole of Spain (just for fun) and one day walking through a remote part of the countryside, I came across a rather annoying American girl who was playing music through a makeshift speaker made from a paper cup. I was just about ready to walk on when she played ‘Cigarettes’ by Russian Red. It completely stopped me in my tracks and I instantly fell in love with it, so impressed by her taste in music it even changed my opinion of her! A short, but stunning little song.

8. Milky Chance – Stolen Dance

Slightly more upbeat, but not so much that it changes the mellow date night mood. I challenge you not to be hooked once the song kicks in after a few seconds. Again, perfect background noise, but from a more serious music perspective watch the video and admire the effortless talents of lead singer Clemens Rehbein.

7. The War On Drugs – Suffering

No I don’t always know what lead singer Adam Granduciel is singing, but the fact they’re still one of my new favourite bands proves just how good they are. If this one is a little too slow for you, check out ‘Red Eyes’ and let both your feet tap away in perfect sync.

6. Grace Grundy – I Took A Pill In Ibiza

Forget Mike Posner, forget Avicii (he ain’t cool) this song is all about Grace Grundy. Don’t get me wrong the original is good but Grace Grundy’s emotion-filled cover takes this track to new heights.

P.S Don’t take a pill in Ibiza kids.

5. DNCE – What’s Love Got To Do With It

So a surprising one maybe but Joe Jonas is onto something with this one. It’s not emotional, it’s not sexy (sorry Joe) but what this cover of Tina Turner’s classic will do, is give you and your date a bit of a chuckle. It is a great cover actually, but there’s more than enough cheese to go around with this one. Listen, laugh and enjoy.

4. Old Man Canyon – Phantoms And Friends

I’m a big Suits fan and anyone else out there who loves Harvey and the gang will know exactly what I mean when I say I find myself ‘Shazaaming’ the hell out of every episode. The music throughout the show has been incredible and this is just one of many hidden gems I’ve discovered along the way.

3. Verite – Somebody Else

I’m a huge fan of the 1975 but when I first heard ‘Somebody Else’ I was a tad underwhelmed, that was until I heard Verite’s version. Prepare for some serious goosebumps, this is this kind of song that could very well become the soundtrack to your relationship. Incredible, I can’t say much more than that.

2. HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

HONNE were my band of 2016 and I still don’t think they’re getting the recognition they deserve. I first saw them on Soccer AM of all places and they’ve even become the new favourite band of a music snob pal of mine. Just missing out on the top spot, this collaboration with Izzy Bizu is pure perfection. Heads up – they also do a mean cover of my number 1.

1. Jamie xx feat. Romy – Loud Places

In the past I’ve tried to rebel against the XX as I’ve found some of the art school, music snob fanbase to be quite tiring, but then I realised a lot of these people are friends of mine and decided that maybe I should be a little more forgiving. Anyway who am I kidding, the band and Jamie in particular absolutely reeks of genius and originality. ‘Loud Places’ was first played to me by a friend (shout-out to Riona Gray) and I got lost in it from the very first listen. Once I’d read and understood the lyrics my mind was officially blown and the song went to another level for me. ‘Loud Places’ is one of those songs where you could lie beside your partner, not speak a word and just get completely entranced by it. A beautiful work of art.

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