5 Simple Steps That Improved My Health

One of the endless reasons why your health is important is because how you look and more importantly how you feel, will significantly impact your relationships. If you don’t feel good then you won’t feel confident and as a result, your prospective dates will never get to see the very best of you. Now let me be clear, I ain’t no Joe Wicks, but I have made some simple changes to my lifestyle and diet that have left me feeling healthier than ever – mentally and physically.

1. Kick the coke habit – COLA that is. Growing up I’ve always been partial to a fizzy drink or two. I’m not the type to just pick up a can of juice for the sake of it but a cold can of coke or two with my dinner used to go down all too nicely. Upon taking up recycling (great hobby) I realised just how much coke I’d been drinking, bags and bags of empty cans filled that little blue bin in no time at all. Eventually I cut back from around three a day to one or two cans at the weekend whilst adopted sparkling water as my new tipple during the week. The result? I lost half a stone in weight in record time, I was sleeping better than ever, the bags under my eyes slowly disappeared and my concentration drastically improved. To be honest knowing what I know now about how much sugar is in a can of coke, the thought of one makes me feel a bit sick.

2. Cut back on alcohol – An incredible thing happened recently, I had the most amazing night out without getting drunk. Who knew it was possible! I was just over a bout of flu and so decided I should probably take it easy, all I had to drink was two cans of Magners (I’m still human) and I ended up laughing and dancing the night away. I don’t begrudge anyone having a drink but if you want to get in the zone with your health and fitness, at least try and cut back. Did you know, one bottle of beer is the equivalent of six slices of white bread? I’d be lying if I said that doesn’t put me off a bit.

3. Get organised – I’m the most unorganised person you’ll ever meet but since becoming a full-time freelancer it’s something I’ve had to really work on and not just on a professional level. I’m still no Monica Geller but simple commitments like going to the gym twice a week and trying to have three meals a day have kept me feeling that little bit saner. Making lists and something as simple as having a calendar on the wall has also been like a weight off my shoulders. It really is the smallest things that can make the biggest difference.

4. I bought a blender – It’s okay to laugh but buying a good blender has been the key to a significantly healthier diet. I’ve not been making any fancy sauces or anything like that, it’s all about that morning smoothie. I love my veg but I hate eating fruit, so when you can fit your 5 a day into one quick smoothie then why bother? My secret ingredient is coconut milk, it will make just about any ingredient taste nice. My ‘go to’ smoothie is usually coconut milk, a banana, a handful of spinach, some mint leaves and a little squeeze of lemon juice. As a little extra healthy tip, chop up a celery into cubes and stick them in the freezer for the healthiest ice cubes you’ll ever find.

5. Pilates – Again, it’s okay to laugh. So I’ve never been the most flexible of people, I tried yoga a couple of times but I always found it tough to commit to attending classes. Then one day I was doing the whole one YouTube video leads to another and another and another until I eventually stumbled upon a ten minute Pilates workout. Glorified stretching I’d call it, but wow, what a difference it’s made. Ten minutes at home every day or two, I don’t think anyone can say they don’t have time for that!