Top 10 Date Night Movies

So I’m a bit of a movie buff and as much as I love a good night out, sometimes you can’t beat a good movie night in. No, I don’t mean Netflix and chill, I’m talking about some seriously good viewing that’ll get you crying with laughter, jumping into one another’s arms or even reaching for the tissues – no not like that. Here (in reverse order) are my top 10 films for the perfect night in.

10. Cruel Intentions – the film of a generation – my generation – the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends and ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ generation. A gripping and at times raunchy film about some seriously messed up rich kids, it has a little something for everyone. The trailer is seriously 90’s and doesn’t quite do the film justice but here it is regardless.

9. Casino Royale – No not exactly a hidden gem but Daniel Craig’s first outing as 007 was the film that finally got me into Bond. A slick action thriller, it’s also the first Bond film a few of my female friends were willing to give a chance – nothing to do with those little blue trunks of course.

8. Wicker Park A minimalist love story with a creepy stalker and a stunning final scene played out to Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ that will make you want to fall in love all over again. Stars the massively underrated Josh Hartnett – where did he go? I seriously can’t handle the cheesiness of these old trailers but again here you go…

7. Urban Legend – I couldn’t not include a good horror film from my teen years. The last time I watched a horror film with a girl I couldn’t sleep for a week, anyone who has actually seen ‘Sinister’ will know exactly what I’m talking about. Urban Legend on the other hand is your classic ‘whodunnit’ slasher film that will have the pair of you chuckling away as you watch through your fingers. Watch out for a young Jared Leto and a peroxide blonde Joshua Jackson.

6. Dear John – granted a little bit of a chick flick, but a chick flick that had me in tears (seriously). A cracking story with the perfect combination of the meet, the romance and the heartbreak.

5. Lucky Number Slevin – another Josh Hartnett classic, who knew I was such a fan? One of the cleverest storylines you’ll ever see including gangsters, hitmen and quite the endearing little love story thrown in for good measure. Be warned, Lucy Liu will become your new secret crush.

4. High Fidelity – I’ve spoken before about how music is really important to me in a relationship and this was one film that really opened my eyes to life outside of the top 40. Exploring the trials and tribulations of adult relationships, High Fidelity is both an incredible novel and film.

3. I Love You Man – Paul Rudd at his finest. Laughter is the way to win me over and if humour is what appeals to your date then I promise you can’t go far wrong with I Love You Man. The ultimate bromance movie but still perfect for date night. “Slappa da bass”

2. Jeff Who Lives At Home – one of the most underrated films you will ever see. Starring Jason Segal, Ed Helms and Susan Sarandon, this is a movie about one of life’s greatest clichés ‘everything happens for a reason’ but my God will you end up believing it. If you don’t feel like you and your date are meant to be by the end of this movie, then you probably aren’t.

1. Armageddon – I really didn’t want to go with the obvious, but how can you possibly ignore the greatest tear-jerker of all time. I find myself in floods of tears during at least five different parts of the film (particularly when he leaves the rocket on the pavement for his son, oh and the animal crackers bit and…). Classic action and romance all rolled up into one, it just never gets old.

What are your favourites?