How Sure Are You? Introducing HIV Self-Testing Kits

Last month, Superdrug announced it’s the first high street retailer to offer a HIV self testing kit across all of its 200 Pharmacy stores.
The launch of the HIV self test kits in-store coincides with The Lancet’s recent findings of a ‘dangerous complacency’ to global HIV epidemic risks. In the UK while HIV rates are falling overall, they do remain persistent in marginalised groups, particularly heterosexual women, younger people, and those over the age of 50 – this age group accounted for 9% of new diagnoses in 2006 and 17% in 2015.
Early diagnosis is crucial for HIV treatment, and self testing provides a vital role in the prevention of late diagnosis. During 2015 61% of women and 51% of HIV positive men were diagnosed late. Resulting in mortality within this group being 24 times more than that of the UK population.
About BioSure
BioSURE HIV Self Test offers a new way to think about HIV, it’s simple, accurate and convenient for anyone who wants to test and know their status on their own terms.
The BioSURE HIV Self Test is the global first approved to use blood, similar to those used in a clinical environment. No HIV test is easier, it needs only a fraction of a drop of blood and gives an easy to read results in just 15 minutes – compared with an often agonising 72 hour+ wait.
Brigette Bard, CEO at BioSure, said; “It’s time to change the conversation, take control, and end this epidemic! We are passionate about allowing people to make informed choices and assume responsibility for their own healthcare.
“Knowing your status is the necessary first step. Around 37 million people worldwide live with HIV or AIDS and there are an estimated 1.8 million new cases every year however, it is an entirely manageable condition with normal life expectancy. Once HIV is virally suppressed (undetectable) you can’t even pass the virus on – meaning together with education and innovation we can end this epidemic!”
The facts:
  • Did you know that HIV is now completely treatable and a person can have a normal life expectancy, and, with the right treatment, the person can’t even pass the virus on…but early diagnosis is the key?
  • During 2015 over half of all new HIV diagnoses in the UK were diagnosed late, resulting in mortality rates being increased by 24 times more than that of the general population.***
  • Around 37 million people worldwide live with HIV or AIDS and there are an estimated 1.8 million new cases every year.
  • Despite being treatable HIV/AIDS remains the biggest killer of women aged 15-44 years.
During this year’s hugely impactful and successful International AIDS Conference 2018, Prince Harry and Elton John both spoke out about the importance of self testing for HIV.
Why? Because it is so discreet, easy and empowering, and therefore vital in ending the epidemic! So…BioSure is asking; do you know your status?
BioSURE is available now from Superdrug stores priced £33.95, which you can purchase here.