Stung on Bumble? No spark on Tinder? It’s time to get Happii!!

So this week I bought my first ‘non-iphone’ in around ten years. It’s quite astonishing how much apprehension stems from the decision of ‘which mobile’ and I must admit the prospect of switching to an android system instilled quite an unnecessary level of fear in this disgruntled former apple customer. So which phone did I go for? No, I didn’t plump for the ever popular Samsung Galaxy series, instead I went for the One Plus 5T model. Now if you’re like me and you’re not much of a tech junkie then you probably haven’t heard of this phone, however, upon a little YouTube research I learned that this phone is in fact nicknamed ‘the flagship killer,’ in other words the phone that does everything an iPhone and Samsung does but just doesn’t have the established name yet (or the price tag thankfully). Naturally this dive into the unknown got me thinking about the future ‘flagship killers’ of the dating industry, the apps that will, in time, render Tinder and Bumble a thing of the past. So without further ado (and mobile phone stories) let me introduce you to ‘Happii.’

Now I’m often shown apps where it feels like the founder has created a dating app just for the sake of being able to say ‘I own a dating app,’ but in Happii Founder and CEO, Darren Newman, here’s a guy that has really done his research. Happii has been described as having a highly immersive, interactive and expressive user experience and is destined to be the app of choice for the post-Tinder generation.

“I’ve online dated across various platforms, as have friends and colleagues, and it’s always the same experience – identikit profile pages that all look the same, there’s zero individuality and they don’t really offer-up anything of value about those you’re matched with, so you end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money communicating and meeting the wrong people. It all becomes a bit hard work says Newman.”

Targeted at busy professionals who are perhaps looking for something that little bit more meaningful, something deeper that isn’t just about instant gratification. Happii addresses all of the concerns listed by Newman, the app will be introducing comprehensive (but not overwhelming) profile pages that really allow users to get to know one another, and I guess that’s something that could really benefit the majority of online daters. Features include a digital world map where users pin their best travel experiences, users can play their favourite music and movie trailers, showcase the books they like to read, post status updates about the things they love or hate right now or the things that make them think or laugh. Users can also upload profile videos if they wish which will give others a true sense of who the person is and that helps further validate the user’s identity.

Online dating as I’ve said many times before can be difficult at the best of times and one of the most frustrating aspects is the sheer number of time-wasters floating around. The Happii way of doing profiles alleviates this issue and may even save you from playing ‘20 questions’ with those who have nothing but a blank bio and a bottle of vodka or sedated tiger for a profile picture. So for me, that’s a massive plus and I know countless others who will feel the same.

The app also matches users based on their non-negotiable preferences of sex, age, ethnicity, location, education, career, children, smoking and drinking. Now I admit ‘non-negotiable’ can sound a little strict in a world of dating where we often need to be open-minded, however, 72% of users of online dating comparison site recently confirmed that one of their biggest gripes when it comes to online dating is people either being dishonest about what they want or who they are, so the numbers are there, non-negotiable detail appears to be exactly what we want. Lastly, there is a 100 character minimum first message, a refreshing change from the standard “hey, how are you?” which so many of you have told me you’re fed up of. With Happii comes that nice little bit of effort and a genuine interest in getting to know your matches.

So when can we get in on the action? The app goes live later this year. It will be free to sign-up but costs £12.50 per month to access full site features. People can pre-register on their website now by entering a few details. The first 5,000 people that do will receive in what I believe is a dating industry first, FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP! Can’t ask for more than that can you? For more information just click here.

With an ambitious and innovative founder like Newman leading the way, keep your eyes peeled for this one. I’m expecting big things.

I’d even bet my phone on it.

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