Who Says Being Picky Is A Bad Thing?

Recently you may have read my Telegraph article in which I named my top 5 dating apps for men, and with so much garbage floating around at the moment I promise you, they weren’t chosen lightly! With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at a few of the names mentioned which I think are ready to tear up the dating industry.

CLiKD is the brain child of tech entrepreneurs Michael Blakeley and Rupert Coney and firmly stands against the swipe culture of modern dating apps. I’ll admit, it’s a bit hipster but at its core it focuses on personality and individuality instead of selfies and aesthetics.  Visually impressive through it’s clever use of photography, CLiKD is challenging people (through a London wide billboard campaign) to ‘discover the person behind the photo’ – ain’t that sweet!

In essence CLiKD lets users build their own short personality quiz, using photography.  Any potential date has to pass this test in order to match with them.  So users can be really upfront and ask the questions they would typically ask on a first date. If people don’t pass each others tests then they don’t match and will never never know what might’ve been – *makes sad face.

So, if a user wants to connect with someone who’s outgoing, loves the gym and spending the summer at festivals, CLiKD lets them do that. Or, if they’re looking for a family orientated vegetarian who loves reading about quantum physics, they can do that too – I’m sure they exist right?

Ultimately, CLiKD says it’s okay to be picky and it is! I’ve found that ‘mass matching’ doesn’t really work anymore, in fact I have friends who swipe right for absolutely everyone and then makes a decision after they’ve matched (but still without speaking). Why is this bad? Well imagine the horror of matching with someone only to find they’ve unmatched moments later having had a proper look at you – *sad face again.

CLiKD is about quality.

Michael Blakeley, Founder of CLiKD says: “With CLiKD, we help you avoid wasting time on people who look nice, but just aren’t right for you.  No it’s not for everyone, but if you know what you want then CLiKD is for you. We will give you less matches but ones which are more relevant. And why is that? Well because it’s YOU who picks the three things that are important to you, and we only connect you with people who make the grade.”

So let’s break it down…

  1. CLiKD has designed a simple, creative, photo-based mechanism that lets every user decide what’s important to them, and then helps to filter people out accordingly.
  2. CLiKD only connects two people if they both pass each others personality tests
  3. This means that if users fancy someone, but don’t pass their personality test, they don’t match.

Yes it’s free!!!

The app is available on Apple and Android stores and is completely free to download and use.  Premium features, such as getting more daily recommendations, taking more testsand getting stats on your test will be available for a subscription fee of £4.99 a month. However, currently the app is usable for free.

So what are you waiting for? Clik off! Go get Clikd. I’ve not been Clikd in ages…..*sad face again.

The app is available now on Apple and Android stores. To find out more, click here.

Happy Dating!



3 thoughts on “Who Says Being Picky Is A Bad Thing?

  1. Clikd sounds like a really interesting take on a dating app. I’ve been out of the game for a while, which is probably why I haven’t heard of it. What do you make of Tinder right now and how would you say this compares to it?


    1. Hi Ade, Tinder I guess is every app’s biggest challenge. Tinder for all its flaws is miles ahead of everything else at the minute although Bumble will get there as well and look out for NOW dating as well 👍

      1. Cheers for getting back to me on this. A lot of my male friends friends say they find they get fewer matches from Bumble, but more of their Bumble matches lead to dates, compared to their Tinder matches. So it seems women on Bumble are pickier, but more willing to date? Where as Tinder seems more speculative? I’ll keep an eye out for Now dating.

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