Online Dating Success Stories…With A Twist

As I was doing my usual rounds of networking within the dating industry, one name kept cropping up that I previously hadn’t been too familiar with – Badoo. Whether it be dating, friendship or business related I’ve always preferred meeting people in person, but who knows, maybe that’s about to change?
I may be showing my age here, but what I always found off-putting was the lack of reliability in online dating. Between catfishing, fake profiles, two-timers and on a more extreme level, sexual predators. badoo 3What I loved about Badoo was discovering their commitment to safer dating on a level that I hadn’t quite seen before. Online dating no longer has the stigma it once had, and as its popularity continues to grow, safety for its users becomes all the more important. This is where Badoo goes the extra mile. As recently reported in, the company with over 300 million global users has introduced photo and profile verification as part of its dedication to keeping women safe online. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, particularly as younger age groups have started to adopt the online trend. Corporate responsibility like this is what will open my eyes to the online dating world once more, and perhaps the so called giants of the online dating world should promptly follow suit? Just swipe right if you agree.

With my new found curiosity for the online world firmly in place, I decided to ask some of my readers about their own online success stories, and to my surprise stumbled upon some very interesting results:
“I was using a particular dating app and I spotted this girl I really liked the look of, but when I went into her profile it turned out it wasn’t her profile at all, she was just a friend who had been in13625288_1048004385248552_933055941_n the other girl’s profile picture. So I wondered if I should take a chance anyway and just send her a message, which I eventually did. I tried to be really polite, particularly knowing what I was about to ask her but the girl wasn’t overly impressed by my message and pretty much told me where to go. That was the end of that I thought. But then the following day I was astounded to find a message from her that included just a name and a phone number. She’d shown her friend my picture who thankfully had approved and passed on her details. We dated for a couple of months, in the end it was nothing serious but it just goes to show what can happen when you take a chance in life.” Aidan, 23, Dublin.

“I was pretty new to online dating, it was really just a case of ‘well everyone else is doing it’ and so I thought ok let’s give this a bash. I actually really enjoyed it at first, but my big mistake was agreeing to go on a date with the first guy who asked. My approach was all over the place, it just seemed like a bit of a free for all. He was reasonably good looking, seemed a tad shy but I was open-minded and was interested to know more. As it happens he was extremely shy and had turned up pretty 13625065_1047999811915676_1027037733_nmuch inebriated as a result of trying to calm his nerves. One drink, I couldn’t understand why he was so nervous? His behaviour culminated in him swearing at me and dropping my phone, smashing the screen in the process. Thankfully the barman asked him to leave and escorted him out of the door. I hung back so as not to bump into him outside. Anyway, that very barman is now ‘my Kev’ and has been ‘my Kev’ for three and a half years now. In the most roundabout of ways, online dating very much led me to the man of my dreams.” Kerry, 33, Bristol.

“I’ll be honest, I was absolutely terrified of using dating apps. I’ve no idea why actually, I just always had a bit of a barrier with the whole thing. A close friend of mine finally managed to convince me to do it together on the proviso that any dates would be double dates. Fair enough I thought, so we both got talking to different guys. Funnily enough, it was the guys who were more hesitant about the 13624815_1048001011915556_1737809261_nwhole double date idea than we were, but after what happened next I probably can’t blame them. Basically I really liked my friend’s date. She liked him too, but her date liked me instead of her. Whilst my date didn’t seem to like anyone! After the double date, he asked me out and we met up behind my friend’s back, which in no way am I proud of but there was just something between us that I couldn’t put my finger on. I lost a friend, but gained a fiancé.” Ellen, 25, Slough.

So online dating, not always what you expect it to be but it seems at the very least you’ll gain a bit of life experience from it. If you are dating online or are considering signing up, then listen to people’s stories. As boring as it may sound, your safety is the most important thing and that goes for the guys as well! My advice? Be cautious but never negative and most importantly have fun! Who knows, you might just create a few stories of your own?

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7 thoughts on “Online Dating Success Stories…With A Twist

  1. My entire blog site is a tribute to online dating success. We’re having so much fun, going on a year now, that I wanted to capture and remember our adventures in these little vignettes…

  2. Before the advent of dating apps I used a PC. It didn’t work for me because guys were in a hurry to meet in person.

    Then I met someone online who had a sense of humour, close to home but his membership was about to expire.

    Not sure anything could have been but knowing how hard it is to find that one, if he was the one he would have stuck around.

    I still remember it because there was humour involved.

    As for the rest as you say is life experience.

  3. I NEVER, EVER thought I’d be part of an Internet dating success story because I’ve had some bad experiences with it, but I have to say I met my boyfriend on OKCupid and things are going extremely well. My sister also met her now husband on E Harmony. Sometimes it works…

  4. I’m a big fan of dating apps. We lead lives that don’t really allows us to meet people outside of our little circle of friends and colleagues, and you could go out alone to a bar and try to meet people but it’s not as easy. I met with around 6/7 people I met on Tinder. Most of them were good experiences, the ones that I don’t consider good, weren’t unpleasant, just not good enough. I had relationships with 4 of these people, very short term, but they were all very different and showed me and outlook on like and lifestyles I hadn’t yet found out about. For example, what easier way to meet artists where you’re and engineering student?
    Anyway, the last person I met on Tinder is now an actual boyfriend. I have no shame in saying we met on-line. We get along so well, I never thought I’d meet a man like him and have such a great, fun, healthy, caring relationship. I really do believe it’s a great way to put yourself out there. Specially if you’re like me, always eager to know more, to know different, to go further.

  5. (sorry for my english) seven years ago… i was bored…i went to a chat, i met a guy but i did not give him a chance cause i was already dating with another man. my boyfriend ad the time and i broke up. so…the guy i met online started to write me on messenger (yeah, messenger) and finally after three months i agreed to date him. i was sad because of the breakup, however this guy took my hand and waited untill i was healed to tell me that he loved me…and we became a couple. the most beautiful love you can ever imagine.we engaged and married last year…am telling you, there is always an exception for the rule. there is a bunch of weirdos on the internet, but i had the chance to marry the love of my life.
    sadly, cause every story, it has a twist. he left me a week ago…but if a had the chance to go back in time, and meet him all over again i would do it. you got to give a chance to love

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