Nice To ‘Meetchu’

The dating industry is one of the toughest playing fields any entrepreneur can choose to enter, therefore it’s pivotal that any new players bring something original to the market. Over the past few years I’ve watched countless dating apps step forward with much fanfare only to fall by the wayside mere months into their existence. Tinder set the bar a few years ago now and ever since then people have been trying haplessly to create ‘the next Tinder’. In doing that however apps have been complicated beyond necessity, ultimately boring people in the process. ‘Meetchu’ could well be the game-changer.

The market doesn’t need complicated apps and drawn out gamification, we need simplicity and enhancements on past success stories and that’s the formula Meetchu have presented us with. Video content is key in many aspects of both working and social life, even a number of recruitment firms are now carrying out interviews by video chat because it gives them a much clearer indication of who the candidate is, so why not do something similar with the world of dating?

Well, that’s exactly what Meetchu have done. You could argue that who you date is far more important than who you recruit, after all, who we potentially spend our lives with is a pretty big decision and so it makes complete sense that we are given all the tools necessary to really get to know potential suitors.

Meetchu have introduced video profiles. No snapchat filters, no funny angles, no pictures from ten years ago, just an accurate, truthful representation of your match. Could this even be the end of catfishing? Only time will tell, but there are certainly some serious security benefits when it comes to Meetchu – something which has been a concern of daters for far too long now.

The key features include not only video profiles, but secure voice and video calling integrated within the app without having to give out your phone number (again thumbs up on the security front). Meetchu also allows you to send messages, photos and videos (as all good dating apps should) but not only that you can actually delete a message you’ve already sent. This of course means that if you’ve ballsed up your opening line (as I have done many times in the past) you can delete it from both of your phones.

So all of the features are fantastic, but from a personal point of view I feel this video profile feature is what could really put this app on a level with the ‘Tinders’ and ‘Bumbles’ of the world, and perhaps even take the dating industry in general to a whole new level. Pure innovation.

“Walking, talking and reassuringly real” it’s fair to say Meetchu have quite literally thought of everything. For more info head to

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