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So this is one review that may not be of direct benefit to my usual readers, but I do guarantee that it will be of benefit to someone you know. The first thing you need to know about Lumen is that FINALLY someone is catering for the over 50’s and in a way that doesn’t make people feel, how do I put this – old!

Personal Thoughts. In 2018, 50 is not old, it’s as simple as that. It’s no secret that people are living longer and the ongoing fitness and well-being boom of the past few years has ensured that this trend will only continue. People look younger, they feel younger and as a result, are more open than ever to new experiences – irrespective of age. There was a time when turning 50 coupled with being single or divorced would mean the death knell for your love life, but no longer is that the case. Whilst most dating apps are available to the over 50’s they aren’t always the most effective for this age group and as a result, they’ve been left very much to their own devices on some of the more outdated sites. This is where Lumen co-founders Antoine Argouges and Charly Lester are really onto something – modern dating for an increasingly modern demographic. It’s time to make the over 50’s feel special again and rightly so, if anything, I’m surprised no one did it sooner.

So How Does It Work? Firstly register using either your phone number or Facebook profile (as with other apps this information is used purely for log-in purposes and is not shared). Next you’ll be asked to take a selfie – this isn’t shared with other users and is for security purposes only. This age group is unfortunately the most commonly targeted for scamming and cat-fishing and so every single Lumen user is photo-verified. Rather than swiping individuals left and right, you can see everyone who fits your parameters using the discovery section. The app strives to encourage higher quality conversations and so limits users to contacting three new people per day, this is to promote being picky in your choices – it also makes someone contacting you even more of a compliment.

Location. Lumen launched in the UK in September and is growing rapidly. Available worldwide but expect to have more luck in the UK in these early stages.

Casual Vs Long-Term. Lumen recognises that everyone has different life circumstance and so generally is quite flexible. In terms of audience, however, it’s more Bumble than Tinder.

Security. As you’ll see from the photo verification process security is paramount to Lumen. The usual block and report functions are also present and for an extra layer of security, the company uses anti-scammer software.

Cost. Free for the most part with some paid options (as is standard with the majority of apps these days). If you’d like to extend your conversation limits you have the option of upgrading to Lumen Premium priced at £7.99 per week or £24.99 per month. Interestingly there are no paywalls, i.e you can always reply to messages and users will never be hidden from you (as can be the case with some other paid for apps).

Co-Founder Charly Lester’s Top Tips For Getting The Most From Lumen

1.  Make the most of your three messages. Every day they will reset so make the effort to message three new people per day and reply to any you receive yourself. Lumen is all about the lost art of conversation, so read their profile and tailor that important first message as best you can.

2. Use all 6 photo options. Lumen allows up to six photos on your profile and statistics show that profiles with more pictures are significantly more successful. As always just make sure they are recent so as not to cause any unwanted surprises when you meet someone (it works both ways).

3. Check back regularly. This ensures that you’re replying to your messages promptly, but more importantly that you’re not missing out on the thousands of new members joining every single day.

One final thought from me…

Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry are all over 50, I’m not saying they’re on it, but it gives you an idea of what 50 can look like these days. Now what are you waiting for? Get your Mum off Tinder!

Happy Dating!

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