Is Speed Dating The Future Of The Industry?

Over the past 12 months the online dating industry seems to have plateaued a fair bit. The buzz of 2016/17 has died out, several dating bloggers have called it quits and more and more apps have shut up shop. There is however one bright spark in the industry at the moment and that’s the increasing resurgence of speed dating which hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst industry bigwigs. With this in mind I decided to go and spend an evening with the UK’s top speed dating company, SpeedDater.

The thing I’ve always loved about speed dating is the way in which it offers viable solutions to some of the most common complaints of today’s singletons. A lack of human interaction for example. The whole point in dating is to interact, to find a spark, to get nervous, to get excited, to let your body language run wild and more often than not all of these little things are missing when it comes to online dating. Well, that’s where speed dating stands head and shoulders above its online rivals, it provides all of this and more, it’s a back to basics human experience that you just don’t get with online dating and frankly, it just feels more real.

Dating isn’t always worth the effort say many people. Picture the scene, you build up to a date for days, maybe even weeks, you wait for payday, you get a haircut, you buy an outfit, you finally meet your date and the first impression kills it. Was it worth it? You need to take chances when it comes to love but naturally this scenario can become quite tiring, so why not try speed dating? 10-20 dates in one night all lasting just 4 minutes, meaning any bad first impressions simply won’t matter because before you know it you’re on your next date. People have long claimed there’s a convenience to online dating and perhaps that’s true, but if online dating is convenient then speed dating must be an absolute God send in the context of meeting people.

So how did my evening pan out?

I arrived to what was a really cool setting, The Drygate Brewery in Glasgow. This place is awesome and is a big favourite amongst locals so it’s really nice to see that they’re on board with speed dating. Our host for the evening was a really pleasant young guy, very helpful and he took the time to explain how everything works, most importantly he really did his bit to put the more nervous daters at ease.

Everyone was allocated a number, took their seats and off they went – yes it really was as simple as that! It was a nice surprise to see just how nice everyone was, both sexes for that matter. I chatted away with the guys beforehand and every single one of them was extremely respectful towards the women which is always nice to see, and the ladies, they were all perfectly lovely. It just goes to show how wrong some of the assumptions people make about nights like this can be. I assure you one million percent, this was NOT a room full of the ‘desperate stalker types’ that some people expect.

The atmosphere in the room was buzzing with excitement, everyone seemed to be having a thoroughly good time and rightly so, there was even some friendly banter about the guys moving too slowly and eating into other people’s date time, but it was all in good humour. The night ended with both the guys and girls hanging back for a friendly drink and it was clear to see that there were a fair few sparks in the room.

What next? Simply log in to your SpeedDater account and register your ‘ticks’ for the evening and then wait and see who you’ve matched with (this bit is particularly exciting for obvious reasons).

Would I recommend it? Well I think you know the answer to that by now. Absolutely! My advice to any single person is TRY IT, at least once.

So yes perhaps speed dating is the future of the dating industry, it was here before the online revolution started and it looks like it might just be around after it as well. SpeedDater run events all over the UK, to find an event near you click here.

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