How Blogging Can Lead To A Full Time Career

One of the common question I’m asked by readers centres around “is blogging worthwile?” Blogging sometimes feels like a bit of thankless task, just ask the hundreds of thousands of talented writers out there – believe me when I say Journalists are getting a run for their money!

My answer to that question, however, is always the same. Yes, a thousand times over.

I initially started blogging because I wanted to find paid writing work and frankly I’ve been really fortunate. Since starting my blog I’ve done TV and Radio work, had a newspaper column and written for some of the biggest magazines in the world. However, what Blogging also gave me was a business. Not my intention by any means but I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown both personally and professionally since this happened. Being a writer these days is a bit like being a jobbing Actor – most work is freelance and disappointingly most work is temporary.

When I started my Blog I used WordPress to write and Twitter to market myself. As much as WordPress gave me a platform to write, Twitter changed everything. Over two years of trial and error I learned all the tricks of the trade and eventually realised that I could help growing businesses with my new found knowledge.

That’s when Lucky 52 came around. Myself and fellow Blogger Naomi Lewis set up a social media agency that would endeavour to help small businesses grow and pride ourselves on giving value for money in an industry where the big guns often take advantage of any knowledge gaps displayed by their prospective customers.

What has surprised me the most is that helping my clients achieve success and being a part of their business journey has become just as rewarding as writing has been. Either way I’m glad I can now combine the two to FINALLY be happy in my career.

With this in mind if anyone out there in any industry in any part of the world needs a hand on the social media front I’m always happy to help, just email me any time

…and to anyone who tells you blogging isn’t worthwhile tell them they’re on my list!

Have an amazing week everyone!


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