Here’s To Louis…

I don’t often write about things that happen in the press, but I was beyond moved by Louis Tomlinson’s performance on X Factor last weekend, so much so that I just couldn’t ignore it. For anyone unaware, Louis’ Mum, Johannah, passed away just a few days prior to his performance after a year long battle with Leukaemia. I’m not a huge fan of either X Factor or One Direction (except Night Changes that’s a tune!) but nothing could stop me looking on at Louis with anything but admiration and respect.

Around this time two years ago I lost my Dad unexpectedly. I found grief to be a very curious thing, it rips you to shreds inside, it challenges you in every way imaginable but in the end, you realise you’re stronger than you ever thought possible. When my Dad passed away I found myself in situations the stuff of nightmares are made of – the immediate aftermath, the days that followed, even now there are days when it hits me like a tonne of breaks.

Which leads me to Louis. For that young man to stand up in front of millions of people and perform, mere days after his Mother’s death, well it just shows how much he loved her, because God knows it wasn’t for anyone else. I know One Direction tend to get a lot of stick from anyone who isn’t a fan but whether you like them or not, I hope everyone will give this guy the respect he deserves. Believe you me, it’s difficult to even get out of bed when you’re grieving, never mind perform. My deepest sympathies to the entire Tomlinson clan.


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