Glasgow’s Best Alternative Date Night – Flip Out

A number of years ago a taxi driver gave me a little bit of dating advice and it’s something that’s stuck with me ever since. He said to me “the problem with you young ones is that you automatically just go to the pub and sit across from each other, whereas when I was younger we would go and actually do something.” I was tempted to think he was being a little bit of an old fart but when I thought about it, he was absolutely right.

When we date, one of our biggest concerns is the dreaded awkward silence. When a second feels like an hour and you scramble about in your head looking for the next talking point or literally anything to say at all. This is where my taxi driver was on to something. We do automatically just ‘go for a drink’ these days and of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does add a lot of unnecessary pressure – particularly to nervous daters! If you go for a drink, the pressure is on you and only you. Your ability to have a conversation is most likely going to determine the overall outcome of this date, and even just knowing that, is added pressure in itself. So why do we not go and do things? Something that breaks up the conversation? Something where perhaps you embarrassing yourself a little is actually what wins your date over?

Well over the past few months I’ve been scouting out the UK’s best alternative date nights and this week, I found myself at Flip Out Glasgow. Admittedly I’m a big kid at heart but when you fins a place like this and it just so happens to be for adults as well as kids, I don’t really know you can possibly keep away! Be warmed though, it is one hell of a workout, but not like that’s a bad thing is it? After two hours of bouncing around and exploring everything from the huge trampolines to the mini football pitch to the wonderful challenge of the ninja assault course, I can honestly say this is a place where I would absolutely take a date.

It’s not just about the fun of being on a trampoline, it’s about the many many talking points and laughs that you simply cannot avoid – exactly what every date needs! From the moment you realise you can still do a front flip to the moment you finally make it up the wall at the end of the ninja course (I did eventually get there), this is a place that creates more than a few lasting memories and that’s what dating is all about after all.

All I’ll say is, try something different. If something isn’t clicking on your dates then you can’t be scared to change things up a bit and with Valentine’s Day nearly upon us there’s never been a better time. Flip Out is the ultimate relaxed, informal, fun-filled, laugh a minute date, and if you don’t believe me check out what happened when me and my old pal Victoria Martin paid a visit. Just try it at least once, I dare you!

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