Want To Get Back On The Market? The Time Is NOW!

Recently you may have read my feature in the Telegraph where I named my top 5 dating apps for men. Number 1 on that list was NOW and I thought it would be good to take a closer look at the dating industry’s new kids on the block, after all, they made the number 1 spot for one very specific reason.

As a dating blogger I get approached to review dating apps on an almost daily basis, but this was the first time (ever) that an app caught my eye so much that I approached them. This year I spent around 3 months revisiting my past research on the subject of online dating. I wanted to know where we’re all at with it, what’s working and why and more importantly what isn’t working and why. Throughout those months, I noticed there was one complaint from women which cropped up over and over again – regardless of what site they were on.

“I didn’t come here for a pen pal”

I eventually lost count of how many times I heard this. Streams of women explained to me how men would chat endlessly but never seem to want to actually meet or they would agree to meet but then reschedule again and again and again, before an eventual return to being the best of pen pals.

So why do I love NOW? Because NOW is the solution to this problem. NOW is about connecting people and places in the moment, it brings back a spontaneity which I strongly believe has been missing from the dating industry for far too long. Okay, so how do I explain this…ever been hanging around London with a few hours to kill but have nowhere to be and no one to see? Then jump on NOW, tell users how long you’re free for and whether you’d like to grab a beer, a cocktail, a bite, a movie, whatever floats your boat and just, well, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I almost feel excited just writing about it, what’s not to love about this? Back in my early dating days I loved going to meet someone and not knowing where the night may take you and some of the dates I’ve been on have been the funniest and most memorable nights of my life – the very reason I started writing about dating in the first place. NOW reminds me of all of that, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to say that about a dating app. Imagine sitting in Trafalgar Square killing time and then a wonderful opportunity presents itself to swap the pigeons for a fascinating stranger? NOW does that for you, meaning any old weekday could turn into something quite spectacular.

Founder Cameron Woodford is a man with a plan (and one hell of a back story I might add), at the company’s recent launch night in London he spoke passionately about what NOW brings to the table. “We are unique. We fit into people’s busy lifestyles. We enable real experiences. Remember the days of going up to someone in a bar and starting a conversation? We’re bringing that back and with the help of technology it is simple, effective and effortless. Get online to get offline.” The app also looks to support local business ventures through promoting the venues where dates can meet. Cameron continued “We are bridging the gap between online dating and the hospitality industry, we want to drive traffic to these venues and hopefully make a few memories for people along the way.”

Trust me when I say this app is one to watch out for, particularly for the fussy Londoner in you. NOW is available to download NOW on the app store, NOW go download it, NOW, like right NOW.

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