Meet The Prince Of Print Rory Hutton

I first met fashion designer Rory around two or three years ago in what seems like a past life now. I was immediately struck by his sophistication and polite matter, but it was upon witnessing his undoubted talent that I was truly won over. Now dubbed one of fashion’s next big things, it was my pleasure to catch up and find out more about the man himself.

Where did your love of fashion originate from?¬†I’ve always been interested in art and art history so I think it grew from this.

Did you always want to be a fashion designer? Actually no, I went to art school because I wanted to be a fine art painter and accidentally emerged a fashion designer. The discipline of design has always really appealled to me.

Were there any designers or fashion icons that particularly influenced you growing up? I always admired Vivienne Westwood as a designer but also as an individual. I like when people embrace who they are and make that the essence of their brand. I was privileged to work for Westwood when I first lived in London.

The items you specialise in could be described as ‘timeless,’ was that part of your decision-making when you first started out? No, it was never conscious but I do think accessories have a longer life than clothes, people tend to keep scarves, ties etc occasionally adding to their collections. I remember my grandfather had a drawer full of ties and my grandmother a drawer full of silk scarves, built up over a lifetime these objects become a biography, told through the medium of fashion. I love this concept!

Your designs have been featured in some of the most prestigious publications in the world, where does your inspiration come from? I grew up in the countryside and I love nature and history. I have an MA in Design History and I’ve also dabbled in the world or art and antiques. All of these interests fuel my work.

If you could dress one individual from the present day who would it be and why? Grayson Perry, I’m really drawn to eccentrics and he’s just so charming and always himself.

If you could dress one person from history who would it be and why? Louis XIV, the Sun King. I’ve been obsessed with him since I was a child, and Madame de Pompadour if I was dressing a lady, although to be honest I’d rather have her dress me!

The fashion world is ever evolving, what’s next? I think we are seeing a Renaissance in print and a return to decoration. I’m very pleased, I’m not a minimalist, as Iris Apfel says ‘more is more, less is a bore’. Also, people are increasingly interested in traditional craft processes and understanding where clothing comes from. Clothes should have a soul and tell a story, otherwise why bother, l’d rather wear leaves!

What’s next for Rory Hutton? I will continue developing my prints and decorating everything! I recently started a line of ladies scarves and I would like to develop a homeware collection next. Print is an incredibly versatile medium, why stop at accessories when you could have a printed world!

To find out more about Rory and view his full collection of accessories click here.

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