Done With Summer Loving? Get Ready For Winter Dating With House of Fraser

It’s been a bit of a stop-start summer this year (nothing new there) and as we cling to hopes of a sunny August, I’ve teamed up with House of Fraser to plan ahead to your Autumn/Winter Dating wardrobe – just because we’re nice like that. So lie back in your shorts, drink your lemonade and enjoy our Top 5 early-bird tips sure to light up even the coldest of Winter nights.

You can’t beat a bit of tailoring. Baggy won’t be big in A/W 2016, and casual will no longer be the look of the fashion-forward fellow. Instead, you need to be thinking tailoring, and by that we mean structure, in the form of dress trousers and blazers. Don’t want to be trussed up all winter long? Try contrasting with baggy knitwear, but keep the trousers (ankle grazers especially) and accessories sharp.

Monochrome plus a splash of colour. With every winter wardrobe, blacks, whites and greys feature heavily in the A/W 2016 collection. If you’re a man who likes to include colour in his wardrobe, it’s all about khakis, teals and reds, chosen in splashes of knitwear and accessories.

Tartan and plaid are the patterns of choice. If you’ve always been a fan of tartan for winter, you’ll be bang on the money in A/W 2016. Tartan is expanding from the classic shirt and scarf, and moving into suit trousers and fitted blazers. Tartan suit for the Christmas party, anyone? There’s going to be a couple of monochrome plaid coats on the market, if you want to rock the print from the top down.

Never give up on stripes. Horizontal stripes have never not been big, and this year they’ll be bigger and bolder than ever. Usually popular in monochrome, horizontal stripes will also include teals and reds, especially in loose knitted jumpers and patterned tees.

If in doubt, pick a pattern. If you’re not a fan of stripes and tartan doesn’t float your boat, we anticipate a lot of other patterns to choose from. There’s polka dots, busy florals (trust us) and multi-coloured designs for you to try something a bit different.

Will you give it a go? Check it out for yourself,default,sc.html&fix&spcl

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