Do Men Who Masturbate More Make Better Lovers?

That’s exactly what Japanese company Tenga are reporting based on their latest research. You might assume that a man who spends so much time with…himself, might not have the drive to make a good lover but according to Tenga that just isn’t the case.

The study revealed that of men who masturbate weekly, 10% are more confident in their own sexual performance than those who don’t The study of 2,000 UK adults further revealed that 6% are more likely to feel they have a beautiful body and 12% have a better quality orgasm. It may surprise some that masturbation carries many health benefits such as stress relief which ultimately helps us sleep better and contributes to improving self-esteem and body confidence. In fact statistics suggest that only 4% of British men don’t masturbate (insert rude joke here).

Alix Fox, sex and relationships educator and ambassador for TENGA, commented: “It doesn’t surprise me at all that male masturbation goes – ahem – hand in hand with being a better lover!

Guys who regularly take time to pleasure themselves and appreciate their bodies are more likely to feel comfortable and confident in their own skins. This in turn means they’re more likely to be relaxed when playing with a partner. It’s a lot easier to pay attention to the sensual signals someone’s giving off; to be fully immersed and present in a shared moment; to be switched on to your lover’s needs and turned on yourself if you’re not distracted by getting hung up on your own hang ups.

A regular masturbator is more likely to have been experimental in their solo sessions, too. They may well have discovered a broader range of erogenous zones and stimulation techniques that make them tick. They may even have tried some toys. This greater self-awareness and open-minded attitude – honed via testing new things out alone – makes for more exciting, creative partnered sex. The more men discover how their own bodies can feel wonderful in myriad ways, the more they are likely to try to bring that same liberated sense of adventure and those same fresh thrills to their lovers.”

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at TENGA says, “The health benefits of masturbation are well known. What is less known are the emotional benefits that masturbation and discussing sexual topics can bring to a relationship. By encouraging people to be more open with their emotions, and sexual preferences, TENGA hopes to elevate the conversation around masturbation to create more fun and beneficial sexual experience.”

The study by TENGA also revealed a new genre of man ‘The Feeling More Man’ which is defined as a man who is more open with their feelings and desires and more empathetic and inclusive of others. The ‘Feeling More Man’ was more open to trying new sexual experiences with 8% more likely to masturbate weekly or monthly and 17% more open to buying a sex toy for themselves.

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