Dating Just Got Brezaa!

When it comes to online dating I’m always looking for a Tinder alternative and I think you’ll agree that I’m by no means the only one. But I’m not just looking for any old app, I’m looking for something original, something that both grabs and keeps my attention and ultimately something that brings the spark back to online dating. In Brezaa, I think I may just have found it.

Brezaa is a free app (good start) that completely revolutionises the concept of ‘the introduction.’ Bored of the old ‘hey, how’s it going?’ Well in participating in your very own personalized ice-breaker, Brezaa offers a fresh new alternative to those dreaded moments of awkwardness.

So are Brezaa on to something? Absolutely! You may remember in 2017 I conducted a research project across the online dating industry looking predominantly at the complaints of dating app and dating site users. The second biggest complaint behind only ‘the pen pal trap’ was the lack of effort put into opening messages and introductions. In fact, a whopping 42% of women who were asked commented on their growing frustration at lacklustre opening lines and a general lack of effort when it comes to that crucial first encounter. Brezaa, resolves that problem.

In the words of the founders themselves: “you are more likely to meet people whom you are actually in tune with. Meaning more time for you, and less time on lousy dates. The difference between Brezaa and others is, we have added a twist to the dating experience by integrating games into the interface.”

Originality is everything when it comes to the dating industry and Brezaa offers thos in spades. So many apps (literally hundreds) fall by the wayside because they try and copy what’s been done a thousand times over, but Brezaa, they’re doing their own thing and frankly, I love it. Brezaa has a little bit of everything and that’s something that not even the Tinders and Bumbles of this world can claim to offer. Online dating has become boring and tedious again and that’s not something I say lightly, but through Brezaa the single population may just have been reawoken. Having spoken with literally hundreds of singletons over the past year, I’ve come to the conclusion that we have to start breaking old habits. Old habits whereby you’re stuck in the worst dating rut of your life and ultimately are making the same mistakes over and over and over again. If something isn’t working for you then surely it makes perfect sense to change things up? Stubborn and sceptical, that was me once and if it sounds like you then I think you know exactly what you need to do.

Revitalise the way you date and download Brezaa now from the app store and google play.

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