The Celebs Who Went Dating

So this week saw the finale of E4’s Celebs Go Dating and after choosing to reject the Love Island movement of the summer, I decided this time around I’d be sure to tune in. It still feels like the show first hit our screens only five minutes ago but this was in fact season 3 already and after being put off by the Jack Jones’ of the past, this was a season full of anything but disappointments.  This time around we got to know our celebs more than ever before, not just the glitz and the glamour but the weaknesses and the insecurities that we would never usually associate with them and what a refreshing change it made might I add. So without further ado here is my full review of this year’s weird and wonderful lineup.

James ‘Arg’ Argent – God bless Arg, that’s all I’m saying. How Arg isn’t a Michelin starred Chef I’ll never know because this boy knows his food. It’s easy to get the wrong idea of any of the TOWIE cast but Arg just seems like a normal guy looking for a normal girl he can have a cuddle and a curry with. Had me in stitches throughout and no matter what happens with Scottish beauty Yasmin, I’m sure he and Adrian will live happily ever after. Even rocked a kilt! 9/10

Charlotte Dawson – I’m not gonna lie, on the surface of things Charlotte looks like the kind of a girl I’d usually avoid like the plague, but over the course of the series she completely and utterly won me over. Charlotte met her so called perfect match in ‘Joe’ but chose to turn up to the finale alone in favour of everyone’s new favourite cheeky-chappy Frankie Cocozza. The way Charlotte spoke of her late-Father Les and her lovely relationship with Mum Tracy was utterly endearing and who knows, this budding romance with young Frankie could turn out to be something special. A joyous bundle of fun. 8.5/10

Calum Best – Calum is the guy you wish was your big bro, life experience and a wardrobe you couldn’t help but raid from time to time. As much as I take media coverage with a pinch of salt I wasn’t his biggest fan in his younger days, but this older, more mature Calum (but still with a hint of a cheeky side) is the kind of Calum I can really get on board with. Had a bit of a roller coaster with the ladies this season, standing up the stunning Victoria and then being thrown off a gondola as she got her revenge. You could argue however that he was the real winner when they turned up looking quite the perfect couple at the season finale. Classic Besty. 8/10

Sarah-Jane Crawford – I love Sarah-Jane but I just couldn’t quite figure her out. Wasn’t convinced she was that into finale date Kieran and always felt like she was holding back throughout the series. A stunning, down to earth girl but a tad lost at times amongst her more flamboyant fellow celebs. Expected that little bit more. 6.5/10

Frankie Cocozza – Maaaaate! If you want Calum to be your older Brother, you’ll want Frankie to be your younger Brother. I reckon Frankie changed a fair few people’s perceptions during the course of the series, seems like just a normal lad with a good heart and a nice relationship with his Mum. Hilarious throughout and romantically turning up to the finale alone in the hope that Charlotte would do the same was the icing on the cake for his newfound fan-base. Frankie re-born. 8.5/10

Georgia Toffolo – Being a boy from Glasgow I struggle with the Chelsea crowd, I’ve met a hundred girls like Georgia before and more often than not they’ll do my head in. BUT, I’m struggling to find a bad word to say about ‘Toff’. Not my cup of tea but still quirky and endearing in her own right. More than just a Chelsea girl. 7/10

Bobby Norris – Never judge a book by it’s cover. Bobby was everything I didn’t expect, really admired his sheer honesty throughout. Between his own insecurities and his feelings for new boyfriend Jack, Bobby consistently laid himself bare and won me over time and time again in the process. Even when he wasn’t that into his dates he remained a gent throughout and was easily my shining star of the series. A real Bobby dazzler. 10/10

Courtney Stodden – She take my money… I have no words. 3/10

The Agency – Tom as always was a complete delight and his skills in the accent department were verging on mind blowing at times. Eden who seems quite laid back by nature seemed to step out of Nadia’s shadow this season which was really nice to see. The biggest compliment I can give both however was seeing how emotionally invested they were in what they were doing. Eden’s tears at Bobby’s new found love was a really nice touch and Nadia’s tears at the finale was verging on moving. A lovely end to a great series. 9/10

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