Blame It On The Boogie?

Well what a week that was for Strictly and I’m not even that much of a fan. From the off I just want to say that I actually think Seann and Katya have been a bit hard done by. What they did was completely inexcusable but the backlash they’ve received? C’mon folks they haven’t murdered anyone.

The whole story does however bring added scrutiny to the famous ‘strictly curse’ – I mean lets make no bones about it, it is most definitely a thing! Strictly it seems is the ultimate test of trust for even the strongest relationships. ‘Nothing’ happens more often than ‘something’ happens but when it does the media goes crazy for it. So fourteen years on from the show’s inception, lets take a look at just who has foxtrotted their way out of a relationship and rumba’d their way into the arms of another (sorry I had to).

Seann Walsh and Katya Jones – Okay so let’s get these two out of the way first of all. Caught red-handed kissing on a night out with rumours circulating of many more clinches not caught on camera. A lot has been said about Seann’s girlfriend Rebecca Humphries who released a public statement which I felt was a smidgen on the melodramatic side, although granted there is a possibility that more has happened behind closed doors than we may be aware of. My advice, a swift kick to the balls is far more effective Rebecca. It is Katya’s husband Neil Jones, however, who really gets my sympathy. Not only has the incident happened, but he has to now watch on as they continue dancing together right in front of his very eyes and lets not forget with millions of people watching at home. Much was made of his icy stare as he stood behind the pair on last week’s show but erm, can you blame him? I think he’s dealt with the situation pretty well to be fair.

Louise Redknapp – I actually really admire Louise. Louise split from husband Jamie shortly after the show eneded and from the outside it looks to me like Louise was stuck in a rut for a very long time, Strictly, gave her a new lease of life. I have no doubt that this was a horrible situation for all involved and I hate to see a family break up but I have no doubt that Louise needed this. To her credit she gave up her career at a relatively young age to look after her family, and with the kids that bit older now she’s right to want to have something for herself again. I sincerely hope the decision was the right one for both Louise and Jamie, and if it wasn’t, then I’m sure they’ll both find their back to each other once again.

Ben Cohen – My heart broke a little for Ben’s wife Abby, this whole situation seemed to knock her for six and who can blame her. Married for eleven years and with a beautiful family, it all came to an end when Ben fell for dance partner Kristina Rhianoff. The only minor consolation is that Ben and Kristina are still together and have just welcomed a child, so at least it wasn’t all for nothing. I hope Abby has also been able to move on and find a similar kind of happiness.

Flavia Cacace, Matt DiAngelo and Jimi Mistry – Well Flavia is certainly a woman who knows what she wants. Flavia left boyfriend and fellow professional Vincent Simone for dance partner Matt and then left Matt for new dance partner Jimi Mistry, the couple are still together and married in December 2013. Brutal in some ways but everyone deserves to find their happily ever after.

Rachel Riley – I feel particularly sorry for Rachel’s ex-husband Jamie Gilbert, because to be frank Rachel is the dream woman of many a man. I imagine there’s a sense of ‘what if’ with this situation, what if she’d said no to the show? What if she’d been paired with someone else? What if she’d been voted off sooner? Sorry Jamie, I’m probably not helping. Four years later Rachel and Pasha Kovalev are still together, so at least it was love.

As you can see, surviving Strictly is the ultimate test for a relationship, BUT, as head judge Shirley Ballas recently commented “if the relationship is strong enough, it WILL survive.” As for Seann, Katya and poor old Neil, the next few weeks could be very interesting.


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