5 Online Dating Alternatives

So this one isn’t about bashing online dating. As apps become more and more progressive, I’ve learnt to see the benefits – so long as they’re used in the right way of course. However, what I’ve come to learn even more so, is that online dating isn’t for everyone. So here are my five alternatives for those sick of the swipe.


Probably the most controversial option, Singlepin sparked a mass of debate in 2016. This one grabbed my attention purely because well, I’ve never come across anything quite like it. Singlepin is the work of London based Artist Dianne Harris and has already been adopted by both men and women up and down the country. Harris after growing increasingly frustrated with dating in the digital world decided to introduce a sterling silver pin worn to indicate that you are both single and that you are a true believer in the lost art of face to face conversation. Praised by some, derided by others, there was something about this concept that appealed to the ‘old romantic’ in me. Check out www.singlepin.co.uk and make up your own mind.

Smudged Lipstick Events

Calling all single Londoners, if you aren’t familiar with the brainchild of my fellow dating blogger Jordi Sinclair then you are seriously missing out. Putting the fun back into dating, Smudged Lipstick promote having fun first and meeting someone second. This philosophy is something I’ve been championing for years now and finally, someone has nailed out. Go out with the sole purpose of meeting someone and more often than not you’ll either meet no one, or you’ll meet the wrong fun. Go out with ‘having a good time’ your top priority and the outcome may be altogether very different. Highlights include ‘Dirty Scrabble’ and ‘The London Spelling Bee’. Who says dating needs to be a struggle? Check out http://smudgedlipstick.co.uk/ to find out more.

Speed Dating

As the stigma of online dating has worn off in recent years, I’m hoping the same will soon be said of speed dating. When asked to review an event by a newspaper, I threw myself into the process and had so much fun I ended up hosting the event for 6 months. Even if you don’t meet someone it’s great just to be back out there in social situations – perfect for building confidence with the opposite sex. Also, it’s not uncommon to go on a normal date and realise you don’t like them within the first 5 minutes, well at speed dating you can just move on to the next person after 5 minutes. If you do like someone, catch up with them at the end. Still completely underrated, but speed dating in my opinion is a no-brainer. Company I recommend – http://www.speeddater.co.uk


Something I’ve heard a lot of good things about, meet-up is rapidly growing in cities all over the UK. It’s something I can really throw my weight behind and relates back to the idea of putting yourself in situations where you might meet someone without necessarily going out with that intention. No matter what your interests are, you’re bound to find a group for you, in fact I only discovered Meet-Up when I found a group relevant to my social media work. The beauty of meet-up is that the pressure is well and truly off when it comes to meeting someone, meet up in a group for drinks, a gig or even just a quiet coffee. If you hit it off with someone great, but if not, you’re at least guaranteed a good night out. Check out www.meetup.com for more info.

Grab a friend and hit the town

Stop reading dating blogs, grab a friend, down a glass of wine and see where the night takes you. Controversial I know.

6 thoughts on “5 Online Dating Alternatives

  1. I’ve tried things similar to all of these. I’m staring to think I’ll remain single forever! I recently got out of a relationship of 19 months, after she cheated on me. Big deal, is what I think…happens to everyone or almost. I have a more positive attitude than when we first talked, Paul…but I still get down every now & then.

    1. Kerry I can’t tell you how great it is to hear from you!! I’m sorry you were cheated on that really sucks. I guess on the positive side though you have more relationship experience now, I remember you saying before that you thought you’d be single forever but 19 months is a long time. I can only imagine that you had a lucky escape and moving forward I’m sure you’ll be a better man for the experience. Keep in touch!! PTB

      1. Hell, man…that’s life…you take your chances. I’ve stopped dating for awhile, until I can put myself back together again…well, I say “back together”, but it really wasn’t that devastating…the kids & her debt were really what were killing it…she asked for time alone with her kids after I yelled at them for “acting up” just after Christmas of 2016, so I did.. I gave her a month… then one night, out of the blue, this guy, that I didn’t even know, contacts me on Facebook, telling me that they’re engaged & due to be married in May of 2018! Like you, I think I dodged a bullet by losing her & those bratty kids! I’m actually doing good. I think I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I’ve become a lot more positive in my life too, after literally decades of being negative…which makes me feel a lot better! Keep in touch, you have my email address.

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