The Meghan Markle Effect

I’ve never been massively into the royal family. I don’t dislike them, I’m just not really that fussed about them either way to be honest. However, I have long admired those two now not so young Princes who to me have always seemed refreshingly down to earth and just very human as ridiculous as that sounds. So Royalist or not, to see both William and Harry so blissfully happy is of course a very nice thing indeed. The big talking point at the moment, however, is Harry’s future bride to be, Miss Meghan Markle. The world’s press have written just about every word there is to be written about the California native, but given her sparkling impact on the British public I felt strongly that I had to add a few words of my own.

A lack of arrogance and a girl next door nature that you might argue is nothing but perfection for our favourite ginger, I guess there’s no two ways of putting it, Meghan Markle seems to be making people dream again. Chivalry, many would argue has long been a thing of the past but there’s something about Meghan that makes even the brashest of young lads want to become the historic definition of an English gentleman once again. There’s something ridiculously perfect about this woman that even my female friends will admit gives them a little flutter in their bellies (you know who you are). Usually when someone seems so flawless we don’t want to like them and instead look for any way possible to find whatever fault we can. Meghan on the other hand, would be the exception. How can I put this? She seems to have both men and women just a little bit, mesmerized?

Of course it’s not just about Meghan, it’s the combination of the two. Did you see the photo shoot that Meghan and Harry did to celebrate their engagement? I was looking at those pics thinking “I WANT TO HATE YOU BOTH BUT I JUST CAN’T DO IT.” They just look like the absolute definition of happiness and I’ll be honest, it even made me start thinking about settling down one day myself. As much I don’t consider myself to be much of a ‘lad’ that’s the effect these two are having on society, we’re all starting to think – “I want some of that too.”

So as much as I admire inspirational figures in the public eye like the Beyonces and Conor McGregors of this world, it’s really nice to have someone come along and inspire us all in a very different way altogether. Meghan has inadvertently put a little bit of romance back into the world and much like chivalry, that’s something which has been missing for quite some time. Maybe next time we Tinder swipe we’ll all be looking for Princes and Princesses instead of Netflix and chill haha, or maybe at the very least we’ll all just be that little bit politer.

A complete ‘fanboy’ post I know but what can I say – she’s just bloody lovely!


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