Introducing ‘The Furniture Pre-Nup’

Break-ups can be a messy business, especially when it comes to dividing up all of the possessions that you’ve bought together as a couple. But, what if there was a way to prevent all of the stress and time spent awkwardly negotiating who takes what? The Furniture Market created a solution to this common issue by creating a Furniture Prenup Form, so that couples can agree on who gets what at the beginning of the relationship before things turn sour and avoiding any potential conflicts further down the line – pretty smart huh?

In a survey which asked the public which pieces of furniture would cause the most arguments, the TV and entertainment unit came up trumps (27% of people voted for it as their priority piece of furniture), but there were some interesting results that revealed the wider scale of the problem and plenty of room for arguments.

The document clarifies who is the rightful owner of each piece of furniture, should there be any disputes when it comes to separating. It splits out the ‘Separate Property’ which belonged to either party before the relationship and ‘Marital Property’ bought during the relationship, then each piece of ‘Marital Furniture’ is given designated ownership in the event of a separation…simple!

Here’s the low-down on which furniture was found to cause the most squabbles in the study:

In the battle of the sexes, men were prepared to fight hardest for the TV with 30% of men prioritising this as the item they’d like to hold on to. What with all those single nights in playing FIFA on the horizon, it makes sense. Women cared more about hanging on to the sofa and the bed, with sentimental items, like interior decorations and the wardrobe, voted the second most essential.

Men came out as the most stubborn sex with 58% admitting that they were willing to pay out their other half in order to keep the furniture. Women were less motivated by this, with only 42% prepared to the pay the other half for the privilege.

How old you are influences what pieces of furniture you find most important, with those who were aged between 18-24 voting the bed to be equally as important as the TV. This could indicate the student lifestyle influencing their choices, with hours spent lounging in bed essential in between lectures. However, those who were 55 and over were least concerned about the whereabouts of the furniture overall and happy to buy new.

Different areas of the UK prioritised their furniture differently, with those in Chelmsford, Wolverhampton and Leicester having the biggest disagreements over the TV but those living in Glasgow, Bristol and Sheffield all choosing the bed as the main source of arguments and couples in Birmingham, Coventry and Norwich decided to prioritise the sofa above all else.

With the pain of a broken heart to deal with and so many potential disputes when dividing up furniture in the shared home, it’s easy to see why the Furniture Prenup Form makes so much sense.



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