Introducing: Ask Paul & Renee

So I’m delighted to announce a new monthly feature for the blog. From February onwards I’ll be teaming up with Mob Wives and Celebrity Big Brother star Renee Graziano to answer your questions about all things dating and relationships. You may have read my interview with Renee earlier this month and having being blown away by her background and stories, I feel Renee has the kind of life experience that people can really benefit from. From time to time I notice agony aunt columns in magazines and newspapers and I can’t help but think, who are these people? Well trust me, Renee Graziano has lived!!

Renee and I are from exceptionally different upbringings (New York/Glasgow) and although we may agree on a lot of things, I think the contrast between us works perfectly. It’s also nice to be able to give readers both an honest male and female perspective on issues that at times may be quite difficult to talk about. So without further ado get sending those questions!! You can email them to and I’ll make sure they’re featured in the next post – please also feel free to remain anonymous if you wish.

Happy Dating!

Paul & Renee


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