The Perfect Proposal: Win A £250 Rox Voucher

This may come as a surprise to many of my readers, but I was once engaged. A surprise because I’m a little bit of a commitment phobe in my old age, but less of a surprise to those who know what an old romantic I once was. Too young, too foolish, too excited, too in love – it was the engagement that should never have happened. It was however, kinda perfect.

However much of a commitment phobe I am now, proposing is something I strongly believe in doing
right – and hopefully only once! I was 22, and we’d only been together three months. Yes, that’s right, three measly months, I hadn’t even met her parents yet. It was however one of those intense relationships where from the very first date we’d been completely inseparable and sometimes when a relationship becomes that intense so quickly, getting engaged doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea.

It was a bit of an ‘us against the world’ type of situation. We knew people would think we were crazy but we never once batted an eyelid – so naïve. So how did it come about? We were walking through town one day hand in hand when we walked past a jewellery store. We used to play that game where you look at a section of rings and mentally choose one, then see if you picked the same one, well much to our amazement we did. “It’s a sign she said,” I wasn’t entirely convinced but in we went regardless – ‘just for fun’. We came out an hour later, her smile a few inches wider and my bank account a thousand pounds lighter.

We’d agreed that we would keep the ring, but when I proposed would remain a surprise. Me being me I knew I wouldn’t wait long. About a month later I booked us into a swanky apartment in Edinburgh. We spent the day strolling around the city. I had planned to propose that evening, but I carried the ring in my pocket all day long just in case the perfect moment arose but no such luck – onwards with the original plan. I told her we’d be hitting the town that night and to get dressed up to the nines. I knew she’d take forever, giving me plenty of time to prepare our temporary living room for the big moment

The bedroom in this apartment exited into a straight corridor leading towards the living room door, on the door I left a post-it note which read “So will you?” As she came through still holding the note she was greeted by a roomful of candles, ‘Hero’ by Enrique Iglesias (kill me now) playing softly in the background, and me standing in the middle of the room tentatively clutching the ring. Yes, I did get down on one knee and yes she agreed to marry me. We sat down to what was now a very cold dinner that I’d prepared but quickly abandoned it in favour of a local restaurant. We ended the evening with one of Edinburgh’s classic tourist attractions, a midnight graveyard tour. Strange I know, but it was so us.

I always find it incredible how much we refuse to listen to those around us when we get as carried away as I did – young love and all that. In hindsight getting engaged so young and after such a short period of time was a huge mistake, it didn’t last long and we’ve not been in touch for a number of years now. The one thing I don’t regret, however, is the way in which I proposed.  I’m sure there are much more extravagant ways to propose to someone, but it was perfect for us, like seriously perfect. At the end of the day you and your partner are the only two people it needs to be perfect for, no one else matters when it comes to a moment like this. I put so much thought into every tiny detail of that evening, from the post-it note to the lighting to the timing of the song, I was on it. For that reason I still look back fondly on that moment, it’s something I’ll never forget.

If all goes well, you only want to propose once in your life. Therefore it’s imperative that you make a memory of it, if not for you, then for this incredible person standing in front of you that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Tailor your proposal for you, not for what will impress people on Facebook.

Planning to propose??? Here’s the exciting part!!!

I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at luxury Jewellers Rox as part of their #ROXperfectproposal
campaign to give away a voucher worth £250, the perfect contribution towards that sparkler you’ve been dreaming of! Oh and if you’re having trouble choosing a ring, this guide to buying an engagement ring might help.

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Good Luck!!!

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